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Title: Linux mint 20.1
Post by: Pfaber11 on May 10, 2021, 15:09:34
Hello. I have installed Linux mint on my laptop and want to know how to get my Windows programs

onto it. I could print it all out and type it in  but there must be another way.

Title: Re: Linux mint 20.1
Post by: Derron on May 10, 2021, 16:13:41
"Hello, I just entered the plane, it is flying to somewhere now - how can I choose where to fly?"

Guess what: sometimes it is better to prepare moves like "windows to linux".

Also : are you asking on how to move your windows data to linux, or do you want to execute your windows programmes on your linux machine?
First is easy: mount the old windows drive and access the files you want, or insert the backup drive you surely used when moving to linux - and copy back the files you want on your ext3/ext4 .... /home partition you surely did in advance (so to keep your /home intact when reinstalling linux on the / partition).
Maybe you even created a ntfs or exfat partition to coexist for your linux _and_ windows (parallel installation). So both - and also MacOS could read and write there.

If you asked for programmes: check if they have linux binaries (firefox, chrome, Libre Office ... they all have linux builds). Install them via the ways they provide in the instructions.
If the programme is NOT available for Linux, then you need a tool like "Wine". If you need better GPU acceleration and your programmes are ... "games", install them via "lutris" (which uses wine too - but maybe custom builds and custom configurations).

Title: Re: Linux mint 20.1
Post by: Steve Elliott on May 10, 2021, 17:38:23
If you're using AGK download the Linux version of AGK, then copy your code files to Linux by USB Thumb drive or something.
Title: Re: Linux mint 20.1
Post by: Pfaber11 on May 10, 2021, 21:31:55
Ok i'll try and see what gives. I've done a duel boot . I'm not new to linux mint but have not used it in a couple of years . The reason I ask is that if I format a flash drive in windows it won't work on linux and vise versa. Not sure if fat32 works on both systems but I'll give it a go .
Title: Re: Linux mint 20.1
Post by: Steve Elliott on May 10, 2021, 21:36:41
You didn't say you had a dual boot system!  Just copy your code folder to a Linux one (Windows files are accessable from Linux).  Then run AGK Linux.
Title: Re: Linux mint 20.1
Post by: Pfaber11 on May 10, 2021, 23:01:42
Hey Steve yes did a duel boot . Tried the flash drive and yes it works no problem . Was definitely worth the effort . I had it on  renderer"Prefer Best " and it would only work sometimes so set it to renderer "Basic" and all working fine . I've got pretty much all the software setup on linux ready to go but have not managed to find a texture maker or a better way to put it a mesh unwraper , I was using lithunwrap but this was not available for linux so am searching for an equivalent . I could just do my graphics in windows I suppose . Have a nice evening.
Gonna try my program on linux with renderer"Advanced" and see what happens it works fine on windows 10 .
Title: Re: Linux mint 20.1
Post by: Pfaber11 on May 10, 2021, 23:17:21
Just tried my game on #renderer "Advanced" and doesn't work either so there it is will only work on "Basic" . I have Vulkan 1.2 capperbility as well and am a little surprised it is not working properly . Not a problem at this time but would of been nice .
Title: Re: Linux mint 20.1
Post by: Pfaber11 on May 11, 2021, 08:42:57
The last time I used linux was a few years ago and back then I'm pretty sure a flash drive could either be formatted to work on windows or linux but not both ,anyway it's working nicely now. When I first installed it the wifi drivers were missing so had to connect using my mobile to get the drivers . Bit of a pain but got there in the end . I used Linux mint for about a year a while back when it was mint 16 . I don't think it has changed too much and is still pretty good . All my programs from now will support it . I'm on it now and all works very nicely . Put in a link to bypass steam when I want to use AGK studio . steamapps is where to find it and I found it using search . It's burried in the filing system somewhere. Have a nice day.
Title: Re: Linux mint 20.1
Post by: Pfaber11 on May 13, 2021, 10:34:07
The link I put in to bypass steam did not work as it changes location when it gets rebooted very clever however if you want to do this and bypass steam find steamapps in proc files and copy the whole appgamekit studio package onto the desktop and run it from there . Nothing against steam but I don't see why they should know my every move . It loads up much faster too in about a second. All in all very pleased with mint 20.1 the only thing that caused me any grief was the fact that the wifi adapter would not work which was a royal pain in the arse . I tried all manner of things to rectify this and managed it eventually . The last time I used Linux was with mint 16  I think which was years ago . Tried Ubuntu as well but really didn't like it just felt alien. I handed 30 gigs over to Linux and with all my stuff on there and backups etc I've got about 10 gigs spare for whatever I want , programming or whatever. Sorry for the long post . Have a very nice day.
Title: Re: Linux mint 20.1
Post by: Pfaber11 on May 13, 2021, 18:48:44
You know with files being able to transfer from windows to Linux without any messing this is way better than I remember . This may of been the case years ago and I just didn't know it . Decided i'm gonna still develop in windows because wings3d works better in windows and all my stuff will be backed up in Linux and flash drive . It gives me a bit of security too , if windows gets sick for whatever reason I can always use Linux if I need to. At least I'll still have access to all my files be able to get on line and probably sort it out . Have a nice evening .
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