worklog : 3d helicopter game (arcade)

Started by RemiD, October 02, 2023, 10:56:13

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2023.11.05 :

-the tornado damages the environments (buildings, docks, furnitures, cars, boats, trees, crates), and this creates parts pulled pushed in the air by the tornado, first up and outwards, then when far enough from the tornado, down, until they reaches the land / water.

but all these parts causes slowdowns... so i have to experiment with one mesh one surface per island (for all the parts), and i will remove some parts progressively ( as if the emergencies / firefighters would remove them )


I have trouble to load the gifs... is it me or..I see one frame and it sais its loading... And thanks for agreeing with me, partially, I know old and new coders and they all complain about something different...I mean in general ^^


here is a similar video capture in .mp4 (also lighter, only 5.9mo for 35s).

mp4 seems 10 times lighter in size than animated gif (for the same resolution and frames per second), so i will use this now.


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for now the debris are all cubes scaled randomly. so not much effort :))

i plan to create parts to structure each entity, then create a low details textured version of the full entity, and when destroyed by the tornado, it will be separated into its different parts.

and to limit the numbers of separated entities / meshes / surfaces, i plan to merge all parts which have fallen on an island, into one mesh, one surface, one texture, (per island).

but all of this is theory, to do it in practice takes time...


2023.11.10 :

i have re-written my TODO list to keep it simple, because, often, i want to add many things / gameplay possibilities / effects, and then i feel this is too much work and i give up. ^-^

so i will put only 6 kinds of buildings :
-appartments buildings (with several levels)
-hospitals (to repair humans)
-garages (to repair cars)
-docks (to repair boats)
-fuel stations (to fill up the tank of cars / boats / helicopter)

to keep it simple, all these buildings will be the same except the appartments buildings which will have several levels.

first attempt to model a low details appartments building / the parts composing this appartments building :


'Sinjin', mentionned the game 'SimCopter', so i take a look at it (on youtube), and indeed i like the gameplay / possibilites, i may create a similar game later, but not now, i focus on making a game similar to 'Cyclone', but more elaborated.

but what is funny to know about 'SimCopter' is that apparently it was possible to load the maps of 'SimCity' (2000) and fly in them. very interesting idea. ;D


2023.11.20 :

i have decided to only make a game similar to the game 'cyclone' (1985), in term of possibilities, but in 3d and with some physics movements.

because this is becoming a never ending project, and i am less and less motivated to work on that. ???