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Relentless Dave in the Caves of Caerphilly

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Steve Elliott:
My game for the comp will be called 'Relentless Dave in the Caves of Caerphilly', a nod to the Indiana Jones movie titles.   ;D

Taking inspiration from the Indiana Jones Movies, Pitfall and Rick Dangerous - all-be-it a 1 button version.  Attached is a screen showing some of the hazzards so far that have been drawn and animated.  Relentless himself, falling rocks, a bomb and a snake.  Other hazzards and enemies to follow, lava, scorpions, deadly spikes, bats etc.


Looking sweet 8) - I'd get out of those caves pronto. Just got in there and there's a bomb and a snake. Yeah, time to leave :))

Steve Elliott:
Thanks. lol and the rocks about to fall on his head!   :o  In-game things will start easier and graduarly get more frantic.   :D

Steve Elliott:
ok, so playing around with level design in the tile editor and importing the data into my AGK code.

excellent stuff - can't wait to try this out :)


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