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The clue probably isn't in the title.....

So far - created template and am importing imagery - how tuff will AGK Studio Syntax be to wrap my suede around? :o

West is best? What's it a reboot from? More details. This is a very vague post for a work log :-)

was being vague for a reason (and a little tongue in cheek.....)

Really not sure I've the time to commit - changing jobs, doing a Cisco course - huge commute coming up....


Entry trois:

Getting to grips with AGK syntax a little more. Using the gameplay (yes, I know there wasn't much ....) From the wildest west as a template.

However, once I realise the basic mechanics of AGK syntax, I may revisit all the passed titles for something a little more get your teeth into...

Saying that though.... There's a lot on the agenda coming up in the old 'life' thing. It's a juggling act  ::)

Jeez, more than 120 days since my last work entry!

Anyhoo, just about got 2 gun tex's reload logic working for pistol1, 2 and his grenade stash - I know, exciting stuff!!!!

[EDIT]  Reload logic now... working.  Just got a minor bug to squish whereby pistol1's ammobox can 'track' player1 after pistol2 runs out ;)


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