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Neon Overdrive - 'There Can Be Only ONE' Compo

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Now you know the name... Whats the game?

I'm sticking with the original vector only restriction so you are going to see lots of lines...
It's a sort of 'Wipeout' vs 'Super Hangon' race style, where you will complete different tracks.

All along with some bangin 80 synthwave soundtracks...

And here's the first image:

And also a concept shot:

Steve Elliott:
Looks awesome.   8)

Just to clarify about the concept shot: if the compo had the vector-line rule (which it has not), then the ship would not be able to be "black" (as only the "outlines" or maybe a "hatching pattern" would be possible). right?

Side node: the crossing points of the lights are lighter - as if you draw "multiplied" with alpha < 1.0.

Tron-esque it also requires some glowing lines :-)


Very nice indeed

shhh Derron.... " concept shot"  ;D


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