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Author Topic: Lowpoly Aircraft Combat - Indie  (Read 675 times)

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Lowpoly Aircraft Combat - Indie
« on: March 27, 2020, 17:37:55 »
Hi, i play with a new project, a Air Combat videogame.

The idea is simulate the navy aircraft missions in ww2 in Arcade mode.

for the moment, i have 2 airplanes, Zero (JAPAN) and Hellcat (EU). a have a Aircraft Carrier

Guns, Bombs, Smokes, Particles, Clouth's.

i just want to keep in lowpoly and no textures.

The Damage of bombs deform the 3d models, yo you can see how the ships are break because the explotion.

now i need to work in big explotions, Anti aereal defens.

Improve the IA pilots bots, they crash all the time :)

and when i finish the basic, i start with Game MENU and misions.

the aircraft have ammo, damage and fuel, the idea is simulate the concepts.

for the moment, i fail trying to simulate the stall physics and wings forces. i just need to work more in the physics.

I go to make available the game for free, so if you have advice to when i can upload the projects,  i go to thanks that.

ok, any advice and comments is welcome!!!!!

I Put a simple watertexture because i don't know yet how to make a lowpoly ocean.

My to do list now is.

- AA defenses (guns and flaks)
- Warship
- Radio communication and Log events
- Landings in carrier
- Crash in carrier
- Simple 3d pilot with head moviments
- Pilot Jump and parachute
- Simple cockpit instruments.

I make the models in 3dsmax9, lowpoly style without textures
i only use shadowtexture for shadows.
Using b3d Pipeline to export to .b3d

the aircraft models have the elements autoloading by the soft.

whe Smokes, clouds , fires, and other elements are basic cubes or spheres for the moment, and maibe i keep like that.

I inspirate the old WINGS of FURY PC game. in Aces of pacific abandoneware and IL2 first version, y play that game many years ago, is so nice!!.

my regards!!!

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Re: Lowpoly Aircraft Combat - Indie
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2020, 16:37:27 »
i change poly style to some textures in particles smokes and sky clouds.

i fix the landing collisions.

but i beging to bored :) maibe to much time with the same project is not good.



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