Started by Sinjin, October 28, 2023, 18:42:37

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Here is my game called Islander. You are stranded on an island and you have to survive. There is no intro yet, not sure I add one, and there is no winning condition yet but it's fully playable and it's MUCH faster now. I have ideas for to how to win, but...all this came together by random, I never really thought about it lol just code : ) There could be bugs because i changes the map slighly. I play it my self alot, right now I play an island-size 2000x2000. Somehow my program crashes with 5000x5000 im not sure why, in debug mode it crashes as well, I guess its just too much then.
Well, I dont own a cellphone so Im not on youtube to show anything. And Im not an internet coder...I have no real clue how to make a game multiplayer...cant be that hard, on the other hand I dunno how to test that.


I love this trying to workout how to make a fire. I have sticks. Maybe i need some matches?

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You can interact with things with the hand ^^ I thought about matches or something too, this stage monkeys are able to interact too :D Also if you think about any game...there is always a black box whatever you do :D The machines in Factorio or Rimworld or Satisfactory...I mean thats not how it happens IRL haha but funny point ^^
Here is version 1.0, I added 4 more things, a winning condition and you can "interact" with some animals too now. I already made a fence graphic(not in the file) but im not sure how to make my character stop there, so far only whole tiles are impassable..for a thinner fence..not sure how I do that.
Also I know its a bit boring if you so will, but I concipated it like you can run it in the background until the player cries haha so you take action sometimes. The main goal to me is to reveal the whole map...I thought about like you win when you have a certain percentage discovered...again, I have no real goal in mind, just code ^^


if you have matches, that would be something you have all the i decided agaionst having those...fine, the sheep coat yo will have all the time too, but its harder to get. one sheep does it though.  here is the source code as well.