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Dexter - There Can Be Only ONE Compo entry



I wasn't sure if I would have time to do a entry; but decided to bight the bullet and go for it. I had stopped writing games and was starting to work on apps in Swift/SwiftUI for iOS and Mac. So I had to re-install MacOS back to Big Sur from the MacOS beta Monterrey, because I was using the latest SwiftUI.

So I have gone for a one button platform game, sorry I know there are some already! But I fancied writing a platform game.

You control a little owl, Dexter, he is learning to get his wings? So he can't fly yet! Or something like that  ^-^

Attached a couple of screenshots, more to come soon!


amazing looking graphics - very lush and finished :)

Brilliant- love the look. Keep us updated on the progress.


Been thinking about what more to do with Dexter:

* Should secrets disappear once collected, so when you return to a level to find more, you don't find the same ones again?
* Level complete screen to also show, previous secrets and objects counts (might make it a bit clearer)?
* Looking to add more things like enemies to jump on? Enemies that fire? Obviously need to be timed so that levels are still possible to complete and its not just down to luck, also need to allow for speed runners as this is also a big part of the game.
* Moving platforms, I think it would be impossible (unless very well timed) to land on a moving platform, but I was thinking about getting on the platform and then having to jump over fire, bullets, walls whilst on the platform. Dexters control would still be for jumping but he would not be able to move once landed on platform?
* Any other suggestions, welcome?How did you get on with the camera flip and fast levels?

How many of you have completed the game and earned your wings?

I would love to see other peoples times, the curent in game par times were taken by looking at my best runs and worst runs.



I got through it all in the end, although I struggle doing it again. Level 17 and 20 are the two hardest by far. The others I can usually get through in one or two lives on a replay. Maybe 17 should have been number 19 in the list :-)


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