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Okay, it's very early days, but I've made a start on a game which I'm probably going to call 'Balloon Popper'.

It's really going to be several different games - between 6 and 12 of them depending on time constraints (currently hoping for 8 ).

Here's a quick video of the beginnings of Level 1, all placeholder graphics of course, and obviously the finished version won't look anything like this.

Idea being the player must stop the balloons reaching the top or else a life is lost.

There's a really nagging issue looming on the horizon... it's called Windows Defender falsely flagging my programs as malware and automatically deleting the friggin' EXE. It did this yesterday with my recently revitalized 'Crystal Hunter' game. It's a real pisser. The EXE was clean (and passed unscathed through all the major anti-malware scanners except for Windoze Defender). Anyway others here who produce non-code-signed EXEs must suffer the same problem from time to time?

That's rad ... I'm currently stuck between 6 game ideas while working on 4 of them at once.

excellent concept - well done :)

Cool start. :)

MrmediamanX, iWasAdam, Amon... cheers guys  :)

Gotta stay motivated this time around.


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