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Author Topic: [bb] Blitz Close by Marcelo [ 1+ years ago ]  (Read 875 times)

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[bb] Blitz Close by Marcelo [ 1+ years ago ]
« on: June 29, 2017, 00:28:39 »
Title : Blitz Close
Author : Marcelo
Posted : 1+ years ago

Description : - Download the file here: <a href="http://raintree.hpg.com.br/blitzclose.dat" target="_blank">http://raintree.hpg.com.br/blitzclose.dat[/url]
- Rename it to .zip (my host doesn't allow .zip files)
- Decompress and check readme.txt inside.


Code :
Code: BlitzBasic
  1. ; Example code (need the DLL above)
  2. AppTitle "test123"
  4. ; First parameter is the scancode to fake, the second is the window name
  5. InstallCloseHandler(57, "test123")
  7. While (Not KeyHit(1))
  8.         ; This if will be TRUE when the user tries to close the window, usually don't use a common key
  9.         If KeyHit(57)  
  10.                 DebugLog("yeah")
  11.         EndIf
  12. Wend
  14. UnInstallCloseHandler()

Comments :

Difference(Posted 1+ years ago)

 Cool. It works well. Thanks!

jfk EO-11110(Posted 1+ years ago)

 Seems like his websace was removed.Alternatively get it from here: <a href="http://www.melog.ch/dl/blitzclose.zip" target="_blank">http://www.melog.ch/dl/blitzclose.zip[/url]

markcw(Posted 1+ years ago)

 Or here: <a href="http://blitznews.wordpress.com/blitzmirror/" target="_blank">http://blitznews.wordpress.com/blitzmirror/[/url]

markcw(Posted 1+ years ago)


Grey Alien(Posted 1+ years ago)

 I use the original, works great thanks.

Picklesworth(Posted 1+ years ago)

 Does anybody have the source code for, or source code that does the same thing as, BlitzClose.dll?I have emailed Marcello, but with no response.I wish to get this working in WinBlitz3d.

markcw(Posted 1+ years ago)

 Mr Pickle, the source code is there in the zip as c++ code (see blitzclose.cpp for the two functions).

_PJ_(Posted 1+ years ago)

 Does anybody have this lib and decls etc. at all (and of course are authorised to distribute it) - the links seem to be dead and my browser doesn't consider <a href="http://www.melog.ch/dl/blitzclose.zip" target="_blank">http://www.melog.ch/dl/blitzclose.zip[/url] as a valid .zip file url...

Guy Fawkes(Posted 1+ years ago)


Zethrax(Posted 1+ years ago)

 You can also grab it here: <a href="http://files.pmnova.com/stuff/blitzclose.zip" target="_blank">http://files.pmnova.com/stuff/blitzclose.zip[/url]


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