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Started by Alienhead, January 09, 2024, 04:56:42

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Started fooling around with Unitys particle editor, WHOA, it's quite powerful.  I started laying out a few emitters for sand storms, ash fallout and other post-apo mood settings.

Here is a two-part emitter, first part lays down a slim layer of blowing sand on the terrain ( obeys to tessellation height maps ),  then the second part is the airborne version with more thinkness in it, it objects to Obstruction layer so as to not blow sand into a closed building.

More later  !


The second effect ( tornadao )  was actually in a 101+ particle asset PACK, NOT MY CREATION.


Rev. 6

Started working on populating the map somewhat, atlas texturing everything to keep my batches down.

Thats about it for a few days, got to go offshore.  

Stay Tuned!


Wow Unity is a massive system, as strong and powerful as it is - it is still very delicate in many areas. I had to re-think my project from ground up , I had to start thinking the Unity way. 

Needless to say, I trashed my previous project but I was able to take from it a month's worth of knowledge dealing with Unity.  I just spent the last 2 weeks getting to understand and learn Unity's animation system.  I really dislike it, but it's what they offer so I'll use it.  I now have enough understanding on their animation system to do something fun and cool with it. I've never touched IK animation before but now that I have absorbed it somewhat - I can't see how I ever lived without it. You can really do some life like stuff with that animation system.

I'm going to use what I've learned and start my project fresh with Optimization in mind.  Everything from culling, lod's, shader optimzation, atlas texturing, surface combining, draw call optimization, batch processing, pooling gameObjects, gpu instancing on skinned animators, baking atmosphere shadowing ( less real time lighting ), serializing my heavily used code sections and much more!  I'm working to get all this in place 'before' I start on any gameplay.  I want this game project to look and feel good and run on lesser than steller hardware.

Like I say Unity is a wonderful tool, but it's soft and delicate - you got to stay on the path from start to end to get the results you would expect, hence my retracing my project and starting fresh. I'm taking my time with this now, I'm getting all the systems I plan to use in place and optimizing as I go. Then I plan to go back over my templates I used to get to this point and start building my ARPG out of it. With some patience and lots of coffee I hope to have something really fun and playable in the upcoming months, even if it's only the start map. :)

I'm finally starting to see some light! More as I delve deeper !

*new project teaser*



Still learning Unity, I doubt I'd ever took on this project if I knew what i was in store for.. 

Still working on lighting, and post shaders, created an entirely new third person controller. made a Ocean shader system, and a day to night vol-cloud system.

I'm hopeful to perhaps being able to start some game play stuff this upcoming week!
This is all done in the built in rendering pipeline, it seems so much faster than the urp and I havent even touched the hdrp - and I dount I will.


Another progress report..

I'm still working on graphical stuff, everything you see in this shot is dynamic, some procedural. The clouds, weather, ocean, and lighting all run off a main brain script. I've been messing around with Unity's differed rendering techniques and I must say I've been able to achieve some very high frame rates for everything that is going on in this scene.  I must confess that Unity is really starting to grow on me, what started out as a simple webgl app I was wanting to make has turned into a whole new ball game.

The stuff I couldn't stand about Unity has now settled in and I'm finally able to work on my project without having to stop and pull up some docs or watch a lengthy tutorial video etc..  Don't get me wrong, there's still tons of stuff I'm still needing to learn but it's starting to flow together now and becoming an enjoyable experience.

With Unity's new webGPU right around the corner, it's a great time to get the hang of the system! Crysis type graphics in a webpage running at 60 fps.. That's going to change a lot of thoughts towards web-based 3d development.

More later !