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Bring on the hate - I'm playing with Unity

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First off, I'm not a big fan of all this visual editor malarkey. It drives me nuts wading though a mass of GUI when creating games.


I fancy doing an Oculus Go game ( VR headset for those that don't know ). As it happens there's a module ( from the Oculus team ) for Unity that has all the bits and pieces you need to support the Oculus Go.

So for that last couple of days I've been diving into Unity ( again ) and having a general play about. My play about has resulted in having multiple cubes spinning and bouncing off each other while having a spot light shine out of them, casting shadows and particles zooming out of each cube.

Yeah I know, stupid idea of a test but that's what I wanted to do :P

I've also been playing with uScript Pro which is a visual scripting plugin. I bought this many months ago but not done much with it. It's actually very clever in the way it works and I can see a full game could be done with it without any coding knowledge what so ever.

As in the past I'm still not getting the Unity bug but I want to keep on with it as I'd just love to do an Oculus Go game.

I can see the appeal of Unity and I just need to leap in head first and learn it. I think to have any enjoyment, you need to dedicate time to it. It's not a pick up and go environment but it's well supported and I think it could be quite a good fun change from pure source code game making. I doubt that I'd move over to it permanently as I much prefer the pure source code approach.

One thing that does shock me is the file size of such basic apps!!! - A few spinning cubes, lights and particles should not be pushing 50MB surely?. Perhaps I'm missing some optimisations options somewhere but I think that's just a pure crazy output size for what it is.

Very early days so I can't condemn it yet :P

@ file size
It's the runtime...

In godot you do not have the classic "source to binary application" approach. They pack your stuff and add their runtime. Think even GameMaker or RPGMaker 2000 did that 15 years ago.
Their runtime is precompiled and contains all-you-can-do. In Godot you are able to compile your own "export targets" and you can disable some stuff you do not need (no 3D? disable, No XML support? disable). Nonetheless their runtimes keep pretty big (someone shrunk the 25MB android runtime to 7-8MB for a 2D-only-game).

For me that is still rather big. Also the WebAssembly export of Godot is 20 megs or so - albeit people try to calm down by stating that it compresses to 4 MB.
This is one of the most "argghhhh" aspects of Godot and Unity I dislike: filesize for simple tools.
If they wrote it with modules in mind, they could auto-detect whatever is used in the code, and only import these modules. But seems it is easier that way - as it allows easier multi-target-development (no need to compile "ios"-stuff on Windows, just put "ios runtime" + "scripts" + "assets" into one package). I think that is ok for "rapid prototyping" (up to no "compilation/packaging" times) but there should be some kind of "advanced build" which does then analyze your code, create all needed module-packages, ...).

@ VR
So next competition is "VR only"? :-)

I cannot imagine why "Qube" enjoys "cubes" spinning around. Why not just do a VR-Pac-Man-esque game - could be played as simple "FPMG" (First Pirson Maze Game) even without VR.


Unity is a Tool and even though I don't like it myself I think it does its job well. That being said I do not think it is a tool for all game types. I think for level based games in a 3rd or first person view its a great tool because by the 2nd or third level you will have most of your prefabs made and its just a case of drag and drop to finish the game(imagine making an unreal tournament style game with unity, it would be easy a 2D turn based rpg like final fantasy on the other end would be difficult)

I intend to use Unity one day..... Assuming I ever finish my Grimoire of Worlds first......

On the subject of Unity, Humble Bundle have a Unity bundle this month.
Includes a few add ons and games as well as media that might be useful

Steve Elliott:


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