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Pixel art drawing book - a guide to pixel art.


I found this book a couple of days ago when I joined a pixelart discord channel. It is called “pixel logic - a guide to pixel art”

Currently it is at 242 pages. It is sold for 9$ or more if you decide(ebook)

The only book so far that I was able to find before was a real old book by ari feldman I believe.

This new one is showcased here :

I am waiting for my copy since my paypal was giving problems and had to buy directly from the author.

I got the code for the book last night and have downloaded it. It contains quite some knowledge. I think I spend a couple of hours reading into it already. It is certainly worth the price! I think I would pay more for something like this actually.

There are guest writers. It has pages on the history of pixel art. The explanation of the jargon is useful.

If you want to learn to do pixelart yourself then this book surely fits the bil in my opinion.

Hi Pakz,

Thank you for sharing this, it was definitely a great read and a great buy, I would have never found it otherwise.



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