Blitzbasic 2 Amiga Tutorials

Started by Hotshot, August 20, 2023, 21:48:08

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I have found 2 Youtube Tutorials look to be interesting.

I did have to say that Amiga Amos like shallow water(seem be easy for beginner) and for Blitzbasic 2 is like Deep water(there is so much to take in!)

This one is Itailian but does have English Subtitles.

Friar's BlitzBasic Dev Diary Series

Here more useful to help you :)

Blitzbasic 2 Manual

Blitzbasic Manual Text

Earok Excellent Tutorials

Amiga Format BB 2 Tutorials

AmigaCoding has a lot of useful reference information, descriptions and examples

BlitzBasic 2 manual in AmigaGuide format

BlitzBasic 2 manual in HTLM format (converted from AmigaGuide

Blitz 2000 site - lots of updates, extra libraries and information on Blitz 2.1

Ultimate Blitz Basic CD

Fixed installer script for Ultimate Blitz Basic CD

Blitz2 source, BUMs, etc Blitz Basic 2 Manual