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Silent Night - *hick* a little festive music making

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After having a few *cough* festive drinks I decided to bang out my own version of Silent Night.

Probably not a good idea to do tunes while half cut but tis the season ;D - I think it sounds OK but I'll listen again to it in the morning to see how bad it really turned out, lol :P

solid man.

Steve Elliott:
Good stuff.

There is almost no way to "destroy" a good melody (if you keep the melody "intact"). It's always "just" another way to interpret something.

Think it is done pretty well for a boozed boy - and done way way ...way better than what I can come up with: nothing ;-). I can whistle but tap with my fingers, but that's all.


I was test listening to my own music for hours yesterday trying to find the bad parts. But I fell a sleep before I could do any work. I also discovered that Roli now has mini boards. Those things seem like they might be useful. I have stil to check if they have a wireless connection like the korg nanokey studio 2 that I got recently for the ipad.

I think in your tune @qube that when the horn(s) come in they kind of feel out of place. Maybe too loud? The song starts and sounds very good.


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