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My new synthesizer (Roland JD-XI)

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It has been many years that I last bought a synthesizer. I did sometimes look around for something interesting but never really decided to buy anything. This time however I found a small synthesizer with pretty descent specs and not to expensive. I watched hours of video's of various synths and grooveboxes and the Roland seemed the best for me.

The Roland JD-XI is a crossover synthesizer. It is a analog and digital synth in one. Only a 4 track sequencer but it has a sequencer, and my first one. The sounds are pretty good and there are quite a lot of knobs to twist to tweak the sounds. It is only around 60cm's wide so I can have it on the lap.

The music that can be made with it is said to be ranging from the 70's to right around now. I have been learning how to use it this week and have been able to create a whole set of music patterns. There is no song mode so you need to press buttons while recording anything longer than the longest pattern length.

I bought a number of daws and instrument module's for the ipad but never been able to get hooked on it. Somehow I can not seem to find it fun enough. With the JD-XI I find it a lot more fun so far. Twisting knobs to get the right sound and entering notes using a piano style keyboard is a lot easier than pressing a screen.

Here are a number of Medleys I made already. They are game music(remix) inspired.

If this synth gets me back into composing then I might be tempted into buying a more proffesional synth. There is a lot of interesting gear out there.

Love the music...listening to it all now...did you make all that?

Yeah I entered every note myself. Either with the piano keys or the sequence pads. The instruments are the presets and most of them are tweaked with the various effect knobs. There are a number of tracks that are based on existing songs. The Settlers/Paperboy/Arabian Nights/Ghostbusters(c64) and a song on a alcatraz odessey tune(the planets travel section I think it was)

I have been writing music since I found a music program called NoiseTracker on the Amiga Never got anywhere with writing music though.

I like it very much. 

Thanks! :)

The sysnthesyzer has a great build in set of instruments and effects!


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