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Monty on the Run... From 1946?

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Monty on the Run, a classic theme tune on the C64 from the 80's. I've mentioned it before but came across this recording tonight on YouTube. This masterpiece is actually the theme tune from a 1946 radio show called Dick Barton - Special Agent ( Devils Gallop by Charles Williams ).

Makes you wonder what others are remakes of tunes from yonder time :o

The first Hubbard music I ever heard was when I went to a friends house and played Thing on a Spring on his C64. The following week he bought Monty on the Run so I heard that as well. I've been a huge fan of SID chip music ever since - especially Rob Hubbards stuff. God I miss those years in the Eighties.

That tune is actually used a lot...

I recognized it from the final scene in monty pythons spanish inquisition skit when theyre racing the credits to get to the courthouse.

Jeroen tel is a great fan of Madonna. I think it was one of his cybernoid tracks that was actually a madonna cover. Ghosts and goblins from someone else was a cover from a song by donna summer
I believe.

Rick Nasher:
Ah you mean:


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