Printing problem near the bottom of the screen

Started by om963, April 27, 2024, 19:00:20

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Things seem to get a bit unstable when printing near the screen bottom. It looks like the window size is getting increased beyond the physical screen limits in the y direction and the screen being scrolled at the same time. And printing goes, well, not where it is supposed to be. I've tested this on two phones with different Android versions, the same results. What's going on and can you do anything about it? This is about text printing.


Thanks for posting your report :) Could you please provide the exact steps and some code to reproduce the issue ?


Well, don't know if there are any exact steps to make that happen but here's my tap/swipe routine. If you swipe  or move your finger close to the bottom of the screen, that should do it, or happens with my phones at least :)