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Tiny PicoCad viewer written totally in wonkey in 2d (no 3d being used). view files with textures, flat or wireframe plus load and save new textures...

Nearly ready fo release on Widows and MacOs  ;D

Another impressive piece of work. Is there a tutorial on how you output so much work? ;D


The UI already existed - just need a bit of tinkering
Also the 2d3d all existed, so I just needed to write the parser for picocad - that took a few days :(

And this morning it was working out how the bugger I did basic lighting oohh and updating the shaders a bit and the final result complete with 2d texture warping (cause all of it is just 2d triangles):

light flat shaded:

and with textures added

What is up with the doors? they look a bit "warped" in the center - is the "shading"-screenshot not showing the "dent" - or is the texture bend a bit there?

Could the textures be smoothed optionally? To avoid overly jagged edges.
Or would it help to scale up the texture (double each pixel, so no smoothing) and then distortion would look a bit smoother as there are more "pixels" (unsmoothed) to move around? Dunno if the GPU already does something in the background - so ignore that if it wont work.


no GPU was harmed during this process...

--- Quote ---2d texture warping (cause all of it is just 2d triangles)
--- End quote ---


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