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Author Topic: QasarBeach 1.31 released with new video  (Read 330 times)

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QasarBeach 1.31 released with new video
« on: May 03, 2021, 13:59:16 »


The latest release deals mainly with small bugfixes, and UI improvments
Here's the full list:

PAGE 8 removed timer when external sampling
internal synth fixing for external calling support
PAGE R - when record is armed the pattern is internally created
PAGE R - pattern. fixed patternplay (stop) crash
PAGE R - song. when adding patterns. if the pattern doesn't exist it is created
PAGE R - metronome button added
PAGE R - song. metronome now plays in song mode
PAGE 2 - when a voice is loaded. The current voice changes to the loaded one
core synth initial pitch creation added
PAGE S - setting. added series3 option - this will show advanced series 3 pages like disk when available. it uses higher res...
PAGE 2 - added PAGE D and PAGE E buttons
PAGE D - added PAGE E button
experimental upped the internal screen res to series 3 - no apparent visible changes yet
PAGE 2 - Mode 0 voice sets playback for other preview voices no longer remains. it is correctly erased \o/
PAGE 2 - fixed prev page crash
PAGE 2 - initial vIII page created
messagebox system being added so that QB can report important things back to you. This has a Series III style to it
PAGE 2 - now .sy and .in report loaded size
PAGE 2 - all files now report file size - great for seeing .sy sizes
PAGE T - added original reverb settings for more effects ;)
PAGE T - added original echo settings for more effects
PAGE T - corrected quick help text for all settings
PAGE 2 - direct PAGE R button added
PAGE 2 - corrected save help text
PAGE 2 - question box when saving duplicate name
internal save stucture modified
PAGE 2 - additional file bounds checks to prevent crash when moving through large amounts of files
PAGE 2 - CMI view mode now highlights directly cmi related files .rs/.sy/.in/.co
PAGE 2 - keyboard and midi icon in correct position with series III version page

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Re: QasarBeach 1.31 released with new video
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2021, 20:18:10 »
Besides that soundtrack being one of my all time favorite, your version is .... nice. I leave it like that.
Congrats on a new update.


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