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Hi guys,

There is an update for the Playniax CrashTest Art pack 01

You can get it at:

Update contains ( new ) gui elements, new backgrounds and tiles!

Most of the art is also used for our upcoming game called Dumbot

Also nice, our space shooter pack


Just released our first ever thing on the Unity asset store:!/content/102249

Steve Elliott:
Really nice work on the Unity Pack.

Looks lovely, and defo worth a ten spot!

Wish I could knock out media like that... I can draw on paper with a pencil really well, great in fact, stick me in front of photoshop or a 3D modellng tool and I struggle to concentrate, I get by, but good god I hate the whole process (And guess what I'm doing tonight)

Anyway, I digress (Who... Moi?), top stuff!!!  8)


Thanks guys!
Now working on the CrashTest Art ( Dumbot ) pack for Unity


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