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Author Topic: Faerghail (Remake)  (Read 9375 times)

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Re: Faerghail (Remake)
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Absolutely brilliant!  :))

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Re: Faerghail (Remake)
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Just three screenshots. I've managed to migrate my Shader Sandbox Experiment to my Q3 BSP Loader. So this is actual a QEradiant map rendered with BlitzmaxNG and OpenB3D, realtime. I've spent a lot of time to figure out how to use a Wings3D>Blender>Substance Painter>Materialize>Quixel Mixer workflow, and this is the current result. I'm using a single, unified shader which handles all the 3D stuff on all surfaces.

Most time took the automation of a homebrew 2D map editor which exports the whole map in a "ready to render" QEradiant format, combined with prefabs which are placed all over the map where you set them in the editor and a config file. This is nearly 100% automated and works very well.

Next things I'm working on is improving the texture load speed, implementing dynamic shader lights and working on other dungeon texture sets.

Oh and Qube or whoever can do this - I'd be happy if you move this thread under "Worklogs" as this project is still far from completion.
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