Bleak Harbor - finished game :)

Started by iWasAdam, March 31, 2024, 14:58:23

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You can get the game here:

Here's a video for you:

And some nice pics:

Naughty Alien

..dude this is fantastic..thank you


OMG Adam, this is as good as it gets!! put it on steam :)


It's just entering the feedback stage now in the jam. so interesting mechanics that work/dont work are showing themselves...


Lovely looking game but I must be terrible at these things as I kept getting attacked almost immediately :o - Perhaps a basic tutorial level would help?
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Until the next time.


dont go near anything with tentacles - check in with binro and then find 3 dead fish - he will give you a club - you are now


artistacly superb, shows your graphical talent, never mind the work youve done to make it. its better than many many games on sale creatively. dont trust comments you get everywhere like itch, some people say things and its only them that it concerns, I am sure you are an artist so trust what you think is right 


Look amazing when you make own game engine !

Steve Elliott

An interesting graphical style here, I wonder if a good 'scan line' shader might compliment the low res look.  8)
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i agree. does it have a storyline, what kind of gameplay is it. i'll look at the link.
im still interested in oldschool app/gamedev

Amanda Dearheart

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Nope - It completely custom engine from the ground up.
Writting in Wonkey/ Monkey2 (with extensions)



Thanks - currently working on all the fixes for the better release :)