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Well here it is Ant Safari my latest creation . It's on and game jolt and is free on game jolt  £2.50 on itch.
Here's a link to it for free .

All the graphics and sound are my own handy work . This was my first go at animation using Blender and for me I think it's pretty good.
I have only tested it on this computer and would like some feed back on system requirements needed to run it . My specs are my signature and during making this game I went from 8gb to 16gb of ram. I wanted it to run on a average laptop with integrated graphics ok but not sure if it will.
 Anyway take a look if you like . Have an excellent day.


At least you got a like already.

For me - personally - 2,50 is 2,50 too much for the game (it looks a bit dull and less inviting for people even to try it out to see if the gameplay suits them). As said often: learn from your games but do not try to take further advantages from your learning-from-and-yet-much-to-learn games.
Seems you made it free when using jolt .. good decision. Think it could still scare away people on itch (did not check if you have a "pay what you want" there).

This game eg. looks like an early prototype to checkout core gameplay. if it has a fun game play: improve. Improve lighting, improve textures, materials. .. add variety to gameplay (if needed). POLISH POLISH POLISH (and nope, not talking about a language here!)


Thanks for the input Ron much appreciated yes I will make it free on itch shortly . Yes it has it's shortcomings but it has gotta be my best game yet . I will keep on improving with experience I hope .

I have decided not to learn a new language now and instead stick with what I know . Although I would like to know a main stream language I have tried a couple and AGK for what I use it for is the nicest to use , Probably because I've been using it for a couple of years or so. If the game creators keep supporting AGK I'll keep using it . So no more Python or Lua for me . Now if I had to jump ship it would be Defold but I like what I'm doing now and my next game will be better than what I've created before. Have a nice morning.

the good
okydoke - you are doing better
the bad
it's not really a game
the ugly
everything and THE PRICE

ok. Here's what you get for £5 for a single developer

All this takes is time to actually learn how to do things - You have soo much to learn there isn't even a starting point. STICK TO ONE LANGUAGE AND LEARN IT - ALL OF IT

learn how 2d works
write breakout
write pacman
write a particle simulation
write a cube that can push another cube around
write sokoban
DONT USE physics
write everything yourself
write a button. where you draw the button on screen, track the mouse and track when the button is clicked - extend it to be 2 then 3 buttons
take the above and make a menu
write a 2d tile map
£2.50 not only are you havin a laugh you are insulting us and yourself and everyone else

ok Use 3D - but track all the objects yourself and do your own collision and physics - DONT USE ANY BUILT 3d COLLISION - YOU MUST DO IT YOURSELF


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