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General Discussion / Re: Windows 11
« Last post by Pfaber11 on Today at 13:48:16 »
I used to get the access violation BSOD every 2 to 4 weeks on windows ten however since installing windows 11 so far it has not happened . At first it did happen after I upgraded to 11 but after doing a format and total reinstall all is good . touch wood .
Could I change my game submission post and add the link to the page? It will be the same executable and the source code is also available.
General Discussion / Re: Windows 11
« Last post by dawlane on Today at 10:25:30 »
Just upgraded to it yesterday. It wasn't too happy with Adobe Photoshop CS4 being installed or to be more precise the share library that adds it to the File Explorers context menu.
The new taskbar didn't like the 'one click' launching of File Explorer with it, but didn't mind it launching via the launchers context menu. But once it was launched by the context menu, then a 'one click' launch would work. This behaviour threw me off, making me think that I had come across some obscure bug with the taskbar having issues with my hardware.

After removing all attached devices and having the same issue. So I opened up the task manager after a reboot and attached explorer.exe to the Visual Studios debugger and tried to launch and got a access violation exception. Stopping the debugger then looking at the debug output. The last shared library was Adobe Drive CS4 BIB.dll (Bravo Interface Binder). That pointed me in the right direction. After I unregistered the library which is related to loading the menu with RegSvr32 /u “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe Drive CS4\ADFSMenu.dll”, it now works normally.

So just be aware with old software that want's to add things File Explorer.
AppGameKit ( AGK ) / Re: no longer using AGK?
« Last post by Pfaber11 on Today at 10:12:40 »
Yes indeed room for improvement but a mature language that is well supported and current . I have used or tried a few languages and AGK is a good piece of kit . I have tried 3d in purebasic using Ogre and I like them both not much between them really apart from AGK is up to date and Purebasic  is a bit behind . I do have a few gripes or bugs but I think that every language probably has some and I'm still producing no problem and I feel confident that TGC will fix anything serious ASAP.
A very nice tool to use  . I actually feel I could produce some serious software with it , in house software for hotels and the like . Have an awesome day.
Worklogs / Re: Super Grouper - There can only be one comp
« Last post by Derron on Today at 08:23:36 »
Never thought of combining. 4 more variants  .. think I like the last one best.

Try making the water line in the logo the same ("similar tone") colour than the surface colour of your actual water.
The below water line colour of the text should have a similar tone / vibrance than the underwater of your game.

Else you introduce new colours (the colour of the menu text is from the fish -- so this might be "ok").

"by Stevie G" is surely important - but the yellow makes it more important than other stuff ("warning colour", "very vibrant") - keep it sleek and try out a colour from the bottom of the underwater scene.

Did not check the game yet - could the waterline be animated too? like the surface line of the game waterlevel ? The prominent "outline" of the waterlevel is OK but checkout how it looks with just the upper side (and the parts outside of the letters) having an outline. this way the colour of the "bottom text area" and the "water level" colour blend better.

Regarding blinkok's notice: yes, it is now a mix of "roundish" and "spikey". Yet his suggestion does not look convincing enough for me ... anyways a good spot.
So why keep it "roundish"?
For me "roundish text" + "little fish" reminds of ... "fish bowls" (the one with the single fish + a little plastic castle ... or so) ;D

Honestly I would prefer a less spikey "environment" more than spikey text. Steadily moving water creates smooth pebbles, not spiky ones. Spikes can of course exist (breaking away parts of big stones, abrasive material itself ...). Maybe it is done there for a reason (performance, collision checks ..., avoidance of "stuck in holes").

Worklogs / Re: Sokol Wonkey tests
« Last post by iWasAdam on Today at 07:40:39 »
No problem. I can guide you through everything and dev along with you to fill in the gaps as and where you need them. you'll have the core wonkey language stuff and the wrapper with provide you with a framework that you'll be more at home with.

First you'll need to get wonkey set up. Pop along here, download and get it working...

the install and instructions are found here - scroll down and read the install instructions first - it's a bit like blitzmaxNG to begin with (find work out how to install, etc):

Once you've got the core installed we'll take it from there \o/
AppGameKit ( AGK ) / Re: no longer using AGK?
« Last post by Qube on Today at 06:30:29 »
I really like AGK. It's easy to learn, has a very capable 2D engine ( 3D is not feature rich but works ) and even though it compiles to bytecode and not natively compiled I've never found that an issue as these days CPU's can easily handle it. It's strictly not an interpreted language interpreting your source code at runtime but the much faster bytecode produced. The GPU is more of a bottleneck.

Every game I've submitted in the game comps here have all been done in AGK / AGK Studio. I don't bother with the scene editor stuff as I much prefer to code my own map routines which I can use how I want rather than fight with their interpretation of what users want.

Having used it for years I'll continue to do so until it no longer works for me. There is room for improvement of course but that is the same for any language. Many just don't like the wordy syntax or it lack of OOP but again, for me, I've never found this an issue.

If you just want to dive in, have fun coding and not have to study an API for ages then you can't really go wrong with AGK. I'm an old school coder and these days I do it purely for fun. Unfortunately I have to use Visual Studio / Delphi for serious apps but that's another story :))

Worklogs / Re: Super Grouper - There can only be one comp
« Last post by blinkok on Today at 01:21:06 »
I know if you ask a question you'll get a thousand different opinions but i would suggest;
Have a look at the patapon logo. I think the one you have is rounded, where your scene is circles (eyes) and sharp edges (teeth, scenery).
Something like this maybe;
Worklogs / Re: Super Grouper - There can only be one comp
« Last post by chalky on October 25, 2021, 21:56:37 »
I really like the half-submerged title of the original (clever!) - plus the main character of the new version...
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