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Hi guys ran into a problem with PureBasic  in that they will not run correctly unless Direct X 9,0c is installed . I do put my games out there for download and was thinking is there a .dll file I could ship with my games that would cure this and if so where do I look for it . I do not want to give up on PureBasic but I want my programs to run on windows 10 without issues. Thanks for reading .

For your distribution you can just supply the end user runtime. I'd recommend getting it from Microsoft rather than a software download website. Ideally you create an installer for your application which would run the DirectX installer as a part of your own installation - I use 'Innosetup' personnally and for work and I've found it to be pretty robust.

The DirectX9.0c end user run time installation can be found here:

Ok thanks for that . I hadn't used PureBasic for a year and I would like to . Will take a look  now and see what I can up with .


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