trojan or false positive? in my b3d game?

Started by Santiago, June 27, 2022, 14:54:12

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Hi, I had a comment on a site that the game I'm making with Blitz3d has a virus.

It seemed strange to me, I suppose it was a false positive, but when checking, the game I downloaded from, it appears that in the check, a check appears in red.

Max Secure (trojan.malware.300983.susgen)
the rest all appear undetected.

Will it be a false positive?

Then I tried to download some other games of mine and in total virus other malware or trojans appear.
but the best known antiviruses do not detect anything.

On my PC I use AVIRA antivirus, and I have windows 10.
both updated.

It scares me to think that I uploaded something that is not right.

i use this site to check the files


I would not worry much. If you really added a trojan ... then more than a single engine would identify your binary as faulty.

It is similar to the blacklists for E-Mail-Spam -- there are hundreds. And if you are unlucky, then randomly one of the "odd ones" marks your server (or your hosting provider) ... then all services relying on this specific blacklist-server will block your mails until the issue is resolved.

Ok ... derailing end :)
As said... do not worry so much -- and avoid UPX-packing if you do it.