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Hi. when im entering my Email and pressing link my AVG anti virus is reporting of a phishing URL or a URL:Blacklist issue..
I have no idea how to get rid of it..

here is a link for example that when i press it it sends me to a website..

I tried malawarebytes.. and scanning.. cleaning browser.. nothing worked..

a web page which is considered malicious, i not necessarily malicious...

most of the time, if you avoid pirated streaming / pirated games / pirated apps / cracks, there is no risk at all...
also be careful to install webbrowser plugins only from official websites...

in an anti malwares app you can normally define exceptions for some urls... ( i use malware bytes anti malwares, and i had to define some exceptions for some forums ^-^ )

You should be able to add it to a list of allowed sites.
As i recall you can click on details and then there is an option to ignore the warning

but this that is being added to the address is a definite bad site..
something is adding it to my address..

 I never had this before when i pressed a syntax bomb link..
 something is wrong..

Definitely phishing

Have you installed or updated anything of late?


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