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NAS bad sectors!

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Careful on this. I've had my NAS running a Minecraft server, storage device and mostly holding all my movies and tv shows that I access via Plex. Been running this for almost six years now and had a similar thing start happening to me on one of my drives. I was all set to back up and start replacing both drives but then tried the deep system disk check tool application on the Qnap itself and the warnings disappeared, never to return. Didn't replace a drive or anything.

I also have a 2tb drive spinning around ... had one bad moment resulting in a SMART-"monitored" (monitor monitored...uhh!) error. Happened because the PSU was faulty.
No further error since then. But this particular error is a serious one - so enabling SMART now results in a error I need to manual confirm - each time. There are tools to get rid of such SMART stuff (so you can cheat your hdd to be "sober and clean" ...) but did not try that route.

As you are running it as raid1 it should not be overly problematic as you always have a mirror backup. But of course it really depends on how often you store _new_ and "costly" data (as you always do the offstore-backup on a weekly base).
I assume people would also be worried if their SSDs informed about relocated sectors (done automatically).


I've got a 8 gig USB flash drive... In a drawer!!! :D

That is all! :D

I'm the worlds worst for backup, lost loads of gear, will never learn! :D

Saying that like, I did start backing up to my webspace, on my domain, LCN host... Got an email saying using it that way broke the terms and agreement and I had 48 hours to remove it... So I removed it, and then flicked the switch for auto-renewal to off... Been with them for years, so, one is really looking forward to an email from them... Twats have had a fortune off me!


If you open the hdd .... maybe keep the magnets in it, they are rather strong (and might be of use to ... collect screws or similar stuff, just put it under a plastic bowl and you wont loose the screws so easily).
AKA: make the best out of the trash you have :)



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