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Looking to buy OpenGL 3 laptop

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Hello guys (and gals),

could you please tell me what your laptop model is if it runs some version of OpenGL 3.x? I find this difficult to find out online, they basically don't tell you. I have an old Dell laptop with GL 2.x and haven't upgraded as every time I try I get confused, so many to look at. I am aiming for an i3 or i5 processor. That's about it.

Thanks if you can help.

older i3 and i5 - like my HP Elitebook 2760 has - only contain a intel HD 3000 igp - which is OGL2 only  - at least for Windows. Linux and Mac have OGL3 drivers for the hardware :)

So check the i3/i5 gen you would buy - check their IGP and then check the opengl support:

If the laptop is younger than 5 years it most probably supports 3.2 (which is required - 3.0 and 3.1 is only adding not so important stuff used in nowerdays OGL engines)


My ThinkPad has Intel HD 630 (OpenGL 4.4) and Nvidia GeForce 940MX (OpenGL 4.6).

Yes, that's why this stuff is confusing, the GL version seems to be theoretical and not actually what you get which depends on drivers. For example, your HP Elitebook 2760 assuming it is the i5-2xxxM you should have GL 3.1 in Windows, but you say you only have GL 2.x.

I'm not really looking for GL 4, ideally I'd like 3.0/1 in Windows and 3.2/3 in Linux.

Anyway, thanks guys. :)

I'm pretty sure you don't need to use 4 if you have 4. You can just use 3 if you have 4.


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