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I am using an Brother (MFC J220) for many many years now ... ink cardridges cost <1 euro per color (10 black, 5 of each color -- for 10 eur or so). I print only from time to time - so I prefer to replace a color or black once a year and done - still am using the cardritges I ordered when my AMD Llano was shiny new (so ... almost 10 years ago?).

Do you power off your printer? Mine is always in "stand by". Every 14 days or so it starts to clean itself automatically - takes 30 seconds or so. When replacing a cartridge it does a 5 second clean ... except I did not close the cartridge cover ("close bla bla please") or I tried to cheat by reinserting a "not really empty" cartridge. Sometimes shaking it a bit (so ink is every in the plastics thingy) helps. But as said - costs are so low I do not bother to take out a new one and inserting it.

Only issue I have is that the linux scanner driver (provided by brother) has a slightly different offset (3 mm on one side), else it was a fine investment when I bought it for 65 euro many many years ago (as said).


I ditched my Epson printer a few years ago for that exact same reason and one other...

If you didn't use the printer for quite a while you could guarantee that one of the print heads would seize up and you'd have to go through the rigamarole of head cleaning which as you know is clunk clunk grind grind for ages. Then you get an ink low message, replace xyz colours and go through the same procedure again. I got really fed up with knowing the printer would be clogged up if I didn't use it regularly and wasting ink.

So I took great pride with throwing it really hard into the skip and bought a cheap and cheerful Canon MG4250 ( scanner / printer ) and I've had zero bother since. If I don't print for a month then it doesn't clog up \o/. Sure it does it's clunk and grind motions but not to the extent that Epson does.

I'd never buy an Epson again as their genuine inks are crazy expensive and often get wasted on it's incessant need for cleaning itself.

Steve Elliott:
Yeah  I use a Canon Wireless Printer/Scanner too.

Steve Elliott:
When I used to print photographs at home I owned a printer that had 8 individual colour cartridges at £10 a cartridge (£80 a time) and they all ran out at very similar times, so I guess it depends on what you use the printer for.

Now I mainly just print out my code which uses the black cartridge, and online booked e-tickets in colour for holidays/concerts.  The cartridges last for some time and they warn you weeks in advance that you have a low amount of ink in your cartridges.  I have a spare set so ignore the warnings until the printer outputs nothing on the page.

Yes you're over thinking this, and yes never try to refill your cartridges with knock off inks, you could wreck your printer just to save a couple of quid.


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