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i have updated steam yesterday, Blitz3d (compiler) won't run anymore (error)

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i have updated steam yesterday, Blitz3d (compiler) won't run anymore (error)

there is error (when compiling) :

i have already tried to reinstall Blitz3d.
still there is an error (when compiling) :

any suggestions ?

I cannot imagine that this has something to do with Steam. Just did an Steam update, tried Blitz3D and it works fine (Windows 10 here).

Might be some c++ (redist) libs that the compiler uses, some wrong path settings... Hmm...

Yesterday morning Blitz3d worked well.

Yesterday evening i have installed the last version of steam, and played the games of the competition.

Nothing else installed or changed.

The games made using Blitz3d (Wuhan gang and VShooter) still run well.

Maybe one of the games installed something the compiler doesn't like? I can only imagine some c++ redistributables. Maybe even BB3D doesn't need them, not sure.

Did your virus scanner do anything with it? I've had problems with norton or the others breaking software.

Maybe revert back to a previous windows installation point?


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