Github CircleCI scam

Started by markcwm, March 20, 2022, 12:16:40

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I just got a pretty convincing email pretending to be from CircleCI who partner with Github for enterprise software development. Here's a screenie.

Anyway, when you click the link it takes you to https:/ notice the spelling mistake and it also should be .com

Did anyone else get this?

Here's what continuous integration and deployment is, if like me, you have no idea.


Did not get it (yet) but also am not scanning my spamfolder so often (getting hundreds each day - only deleting the most "spammy" ones, others get pruned after 3-4 days).

Yet I would even stumble over the "your gthub" spelling error :)



If you use a webmail like gmail or outlook, tag it as a "phishing attempt" so it feeds their databases.