fan goes high speed for no reason after windows 11 update

Started by RemiD, December 29, 2022, 19:31:44

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yesterday, my laptop was working well (lenovo ideapad gaming 3, so quite recent), and with a almost silent fan.

yesterday evening, windows 11 forced me to update before shutting down the computer.

now the fan is going high speed for no reason, even if i do nothing and no apps are opened, and even if disconnected from the internet.

very strange ???

i have already tried to desactivate all uncessary apps which run at startup, no change...

this is very annoying.

any suggestion ?


It could be busy still working in the background or re-indexing all your files again. Has it been like this for hours on end?. I'd also check Task Manager to see what's sucking all the CPU resources.
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QuoteI'd also check Task Manager to see what's sucking all the CPU resources

yes i have checked, nothing abnormal...

it does that even when the computer is idle, with or without an internet connection. really weird.

all drivers are last version, the computer is very recent...

after some research, it may be due to the lenovo power management software, which conflicts with the windows 11 power management software, and a trick to avoid this high speed fan is to set the max cpu usage to less than 100% (in the windows 11 power management), but i can't because lenovo power management software does not allow me too.



i post the solution that seems to work :

-after the windows update which caused this problem, i have reinstalled the last driver for the bios.

problem solved !