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Bought wrong memory


Well I've bought a stick of memory for my computer and ordered the wrong speed . I spent half a day looking for the best deals and bought DDR4 2400 instead of DDR4 2666 . It's on its way and I should have it by Saturday . I am still going to use it but there we are , gonna slow my ram down a bit but hopefully it will off set against the performance increase from having more ram and be about the same as it is now. I guess I'm gonna find out at the  end of next week when it gets here. I paid £27.33 for 8gb including shipping and it's new . Before I fit it I'll do a test with a couple of my games then after and see what it does to the frame rate. I'll post again so you guys can see what effect it has . Have a nice evening .

Well the memory arrived and I fitted it ok without damaging the case . All works good and back together. The slower memory doesn't seem to of slowed it down so am quite pleased

good to hear it all worked in the end. You might need to tinker with the motherboard to get the correct memory speed - my advice is 'if it works fine and you're happy... leave it alone' :)

Just been testing my latest game out and I'm getting way more frames per second than I was before which is awesome and made the upgrade worthwhile . I thought it might be ten percent better at best but how wrong was I . I have had a play with the graphics settings too and that and the extra memory have practically doubled my frame rate . The memory was 27.33 including VAT from aliexpress and took 2 weeks to get here . I am gobsmacked at what a difference it has made especially for the money . Have an awesome day. Oh yes the make is ZENFAST 8gb 2400 ddr4 board.


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