Are these signs of a dying gpu?

Started by Matty, January 28, 2024, 01:07:16

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I'm wondering if my graphics card is on the way out...dying....

I've seen purple and bright green textures where there was no purple or bright green lighting in the code.

I've seen 'half screens' instead of full screens - or just the bottom inch of the display showing through.

I've seen random flicker of objects on screen that is not normal z-fighting.

The card is a Nvidia 660 GTX from 2013/2014. It hasn't seen all that much use in terms of 3d work until recently.

So yeah - potentially my gpu is on the way out.


Does it only happen in your game?
If yes, then ... gpu might be still alive and kicking and it is just your game code which does things in a way the nvidia gl implementation does not like it.

If no, and it also happens on your desktop or in some test programmes (some gpu performance test software, or some games) then yes, 660gtx might be on their last legs.

hmm... it might also have a RAM defect (so broken if certain areas of the VRAM are utilized - and you increased VRAM usage in your game recently I guess)



I don't really know whether it occurs in other programs, it only happens infrequently, and my game is one of the only 3d software I run these days. It's intermittent.


You can try the trial version of  PassMark BurnInTest software - PC Reliability and Load Testing

As it's a trial version it doesn't constantly run each test for hours on end but should give enough time to see if there are any serious errors on your GPU / CPU / RAM.
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