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Alternative to MS Photos app [Win10]

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I am using XN View. It's free and if you set it properly it makes navigation through several hard drives and projects a breeze.

If you want something to create drawing reference/mood boards (I saw you got a new wacom), use PureRef.

I'm voting for XN view too (the classic version)! I'v been using it since Win XP.

If you install it's shell extension, then you get a "Browse with xn view" on the folders right click menu.

And images can be previewed by right clicking on them too.

Additionally, if you want to convert from one type to other, the shell extension makes it possible and fast.

The browsing of the folders can be made to use the mouse as well.
I'm using the scroll wheel for the next/previous file, middle mouse click to switch between fullscreen/windowed and browsing mode and right click + wheel in the picture for zooming.

It has a lot of options, and some basic editing functions.

The preview of Gif files is nice too, even browsing the individual frames is possible.

It has some tools, like combining some images into an adobe flash viewer or creating a picture screensaver and few others.

Im using one 123 photo viewer .

I've been using Irfanview non-stop for (what feels like) 20 years.  Have had no reason to look elsewhere.  The only reason I remember MS Photos exists is when I'm setting up a new PC for someone and go "Oh, yeah, right" before installing Irfanview immediately.


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