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Hi guys spent the last day having a look at Lua and it does seem quite nice . Not sure how to implement the jit part of it at the moment but will do hopefully in the next day or so. Anyway do we have an experienced Lua programmer on here and if there is can you give a quick rundown of the pros and cons . What do you think of it ? Have a nice day.

Are you developing your own engine and want to implement lua into it? Because that is the time when you want to look into the LuaJit.

As I said on the other thread I'm enjoying Lua/LÖVE (Love2d), for the one button comp, I'm porting a mini version of Diddy over to LÖVE and it seems to be working quite nicely :)

"A bit of Box2D, a sprinkle of Lua, a lot of Love and a splash of Diddy."


Lua has one issue: it allows everything as parameter, assignment etc.

As stuff is "interpreted during runtime" you only catch wrongly typed params when the corresponding part of the code is executed.
This will most probably happen for tables, "arrays", "lists" ...
Also nil/null checks are what you will have to use quite a lot then.

Lua is quite flexible, so you can easily add new functions to stuff - like counting elements in a list.

I implement the AI in TVTower via Lua - it does a good job there.

--- Quote from: Pfaber11 on September 04, 2021, 20:06:51 ---Hi guys spent the last day having a look at Lua and it does seem quite nice .
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Pay attention to not jump from language to language - try to always "learn" something new after a jump - every learned lesson (design patterns etc) will help you to advance as a coder. Just changing the language because you eg do not achieve what you want in the former language / kit - will not improve your skills.

For 2D Löve seems to be a good thing.


Hi guys thanks for the replies . Yes I see your point about jumping from language to language. I'm still using AGK at the moment and will probably for some time to come if I don't find Lua to my liking .  Have an excellent day.


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