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Anybody coding in Delphi 10.4 Sydney edition  ::)

There is a free edition!

Great Dark Themed IDE and very Basic like readable code.


Thanks man, I wasn't aware that they had a current CE version.  :o

I'm a delphi programmer, though I haven't progressed much beyond 4.0 since I use the C++ builder editions of the RAD studio.  What point are you trying to make?

OH, BTW, I want to upgrade my version of delphi to the latest version, paid or free, I just do not know how to use both it and C++ Builder concurrently.

The Delphi CE version requires you to update to the latest version every year. This isn't great if you're in development and the API changes or the new version breaks things.

I used Delphi for well over a decade for work and still do for the odd task where it suites best. Delphi is extremely fast and capable and doesn't require runtime libraries which is an advantage over .Net. Having said that .Net is much better integrated these days than is was originally, often requiring crazy big downloads which were slow to install.

Over recent years though I have switched slowly over to Visual Studio / VB.Net as since Delphi V7 the quality and stability has been up and down like a yo-yo with it being sold to different companies.

Whilst I'll always have a soft spot for Delphi ( kicked of my self employment coding years ), you can't beat VS for a much easier ride when writing system integrated software.

I started programming on the ZX81, moved on to the C64, then DOS, and finally Windows.  Over the years, the form designer of Visual Basic made me love love the RAD design tools, so when C++ Builder came out, and the only alternative that Microsoft was offering was VS 4.0,  I naturally went with C++ Builder.  Of course, the company was called Borland back then, then Inprise, and now Embarcadero.


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