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AOZ Studio™ v1.0.0 Beta 8 (B8) June 2,2021

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I found this. The program looks superior.

Ahh I have fond memories of STOS and AMOS. Still have copies of AMOS.
From what I could take of its website is that AOZ Studio transpiles to Javascript which is then bundled with native players.

I'm guessing this is a new version of 'AMOS 2' which was half-started around 3 years ago but then seemingly got dropped (or at least Francois Lionet seemed to stop developing/posting-about-it after a few months)? I'm pretty sure the promotion blurb in his [Francois Lionet's] promotional emails stated that the product created Javascript code which could be used by players on various operating systems.

I loved AMOS too (and AMOS3D & AMOS Pro - though the 'Interface' system of the latter [for which I bought it] was incredbly buggy) and spent a lot of hours coding in it until I discovered Blitz Basic for Amiga, after which I never looked back.

It will be interesting to see whether AOZ develops into a fully fledged product (I cannot work out from the website whether Francois Lionet is still actively involved) or ends up going the same way as 'AMOS 2'...

The last commit on its BitBucket was in 2019. Fair to say that it might be dead already, but who knows.

Francois has had a number of nervous breakdowns I think it was. I read he just had his 8th not so long ago. I think he mentioned before he has bipolar disorder. Stress on a project like this can not be that good for that.


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