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Author Topic: Wonkey Update  (Read 6885 times)

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Re: Wonkey Update
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I havent read all the threads but where can i try Wonkey!?

Hi...the main software developer(iWasAdam) can tell you the information of Wonkey but this developer may not come to the forum daily.

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Re: Wonkey Update
« Reply #106 on: October 16, 2021, 10:58:03 »
Here's a question to any interested persons - or not interested.

What would YOU like from an IDE?

Ive been writing Emmulation core's in Z80, 6502, 6510. Im finding sometimes id like to replace a variable or rename a function! But cuz it's in say maybe a 1000 lines of code it's a bugger to alter!

Id like to see a Find "certain text" and Replace with another "Certain txt" Function, at the click of a button :D

Ive written a program todo it anyway's. But it would be nice built in.  8)

Id also like to be able to alter all colors and save them as a theme ie, "My own Dark Theme" and be able to alter Icons also.

Id also like access to High resoloution timmers ie, milli(), micro() and nano :-[. It would be nice to use them to define events ie, to mimic Interupts.

Looking forward to something a little different especially having greater access to sound files and altering them on the fly!

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