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Title: Waxing Nostalgic
Post by: redspark on July 05, 2021, 12:45:48

I was thinking back yesterday about programming in BlitzMax many years ago.  So I decided to going poking around to find the old IDE and community.  I knew things were bad when none of the old domains worked.  I did find BlitzMax NG but couldn't get it working properly on my M1 MacBook Air.  However, CX seems to be working. 

When I was using BlitzMax, I had the Grey Alien Framework but that has long since perished.  Does anyone know of a good framework for CX that is Scene-based?  I'm interested in making a simple Visual Novel.  Also, is there a module that supports one of the 2D skeletal system out there?  (Spine, Dragonbones, Live2D, Spriter) 

Title: Re: Waxing Nostalgic
Post by: Phil7 on July 13, 2021, 21:47:08
You can use fantomCX or ignitionX as a framework.
There are basic attempts for using Spine and Spriter.
BTW There is a forum for Cerberus X where some of your questions might already be answered. Bye
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