[Solved] Capture Secondary Mouse button event for TreeView Gadget

Started by _PJ_, November 11, 2023, 12:56:24

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It seems that there is some "hardcoding" in processing events where using secondary mousebutton for TreeView items sends a "GadgetMenu" event.

This is great and intuitive, since this is typically the process for insdtancing a PopUpWindowMenu context-menu


There doesn't seem to be a direct means to identify the specific Node which is under the mouse cursor when this is called* - although it seems visdually that the relevant node entry is highlighted brifly, the "SelectedTreeViewNode" always reverts to its prior reference, and therefore can be confusing for end-user if they attempt to openb a context menu for a node that is different from the one previously selected with, say, left-mouse button.

Any ideas on how to work around this, or force a new SelectTreeViewNode() to point to the node that was 'right-clicked'?

* Theroetically some huge computation process could be done to investigate the position and expanded status of an entire list of nodes and calculate their relaive mouse positions


And, typically, once again - no sooner have I posted after struggling for a while, then I manage to solve the issue :D

I am using a select/case switch to process polled events: the relevant event here is, as described, a GadgetMenu event:

Seems GadgetExtra() already identifies the Node gadget, so I just have to force the selection of this cast as a TGadget and everything works just fine!
Select (EventSource())