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Showcase / Re: Genus Prime - 8-BIT WARS competition entry
« Last post by Derron on Today at 04:39:11 PM »
Added a page at itch.io (first time user ;-)).

let's see if it brings in some downloads.

Unity / Re: Unity Tutorials
« Last post by Pfaber11 on Today at 04:11:26 PM »
I know this is an old thread but I am now in the process of downloading unity 2019 . Never looked at it before and usually code in AGK classic which I really love . Just thought I would give it a try as the personal edition is free so nothing to lose . Don't know anything about C# as of yet but am going to take a look and see what I think. just looked and it's about 80% done . I'll post back later and tell you what I think. Gonna try finding some free tutorials for me to take a look at .
Worklogs / Re: Strata Nova
« Last post by iWasAdam on Today at 03:19:26 PM »
all corrected now with shadows and completely random planets and moons:
Worklogs / Re: Strata Nova
« Last post by iWasAdam on Today at 11:48:57 AM »
yep, star-fields would be nice :)

Shaders integrated, but shadow errors meant they are currently removed :(
Showcase / Re: Genus Prime - 8-BIT WARS competition entry
« Last post by Derron on Today at 10:03:58 AM »
Thanks for the feedback - and get well soon.

Open up "assets/maps/campaign_02.xml"
You can adjust population, missiles ... or even time the support to a later moment. You might even add a support for your player (you then just need to "survive till that moment").

Maybe that helps already.

And yes - I've lost many times too, it really depends on timing - so eg. start your ships later than an enemy so that his ships decrease population count of the planet for you (saves you some ships).
Also I rescued ships by sending them to other planets if I see multiple fleets targeting a planet (first fleet will kill you, second one the first fleet). So same game here: let them kill each other.
If you do it wrong right on start you will already be on the looser side without knowing it yet. It is hard to "turn around" the game in later stages - especially if only you and a single cpu player are left.

Feel free to post other ideas for the game.

Showcase / Re: Genus Prime - 8-BIT WARS competition entry
« Last post by Xerra on Today at 09:52:06 AM »
Ye of little faith. I downloaded it a couple of days back but i've got a bit of a nasty ear infection so not had much computer time until today.

Mac version works fine for this update, I'm happy to say. Using Ctrl-A and moving the map with the middle mouse button does give a much better feel to playing the game now. I suspected it would but luckily you didn't need to have that in place for the compo version to still become the deserved winner. Personal opinion is the game is still a little too hard for my liking. 3rd tutorial level where the map is first scrollable is an example. I struggle to get off that because it feels like the enemy gets the upper hand far too quickly for me to establish a solid foothold.

I'll be very curious to see what kind of bigger game comes out of this now you and Adam are plotting world domination. Looking forward to having a play on that.
Worklogs / Re: Strata Nova
« Last post by Derron on Today at 09:18:39 AM »
This will look sweet with some parallax-effect in the background (1-2 layers of stars or even two dozen of "star objects" with individual depths for a more immersive scrolling). Especially when rotating the view.

Nonetheless - and I know how nice it is to "play around" - do not loose focus on the game itself.

No need for a script.
means you can write into there when executing it as a "user". So your app could create such a file too - yet it should not mean to give the app an icon.

Still it is a bad habbit to do such "suspicious" things. You might consider auto-creating a myfile.desktop next to your file - but the path/icon URI in there seems to have to be an "absolute path" (tried relative ones and the icon was gone or the app was not able to start)

Worklogs / Re: Strata Nova
« Last post by iWasAdam on Today at 08:59:19 AM »
First integration test with shader:

basically you can see the far planets are behind and the near planets in-front, with the shader operating correctly as a sun.
Firefox and other applications install some .png or .xpm files in your /usr/share/something - which is what the desktop will then automatically use.

This does not work for "portable applications" (stuff you do not install from a .deb file or so).


Aha!  I see how this works, now.    'usr/share/applications', is icon folder and everything inside is a .desktop.   I wonder if it's possible to write a script that generates a .desktop into this directory, AFTER you run the application for the first time. hmm.

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