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Title: We of the global community:a game?
Post by: Matty on July 07, 2019, 05:54:46 AM
Greetings syntax bombers.

I have an idea from one of my books which I'd like to suggest as a private in joke.

We are mostly based all across Europe, the US, the UK and other lands.

Crazy idea.

If each of us picked a person we like and know and want to have a funny joke with in our own country we could each buy a postcard from a tourist destination in our own city, write a letter to a fictional person residing at an address of each of our choices...and have a seeming postcard trail from this mythical traveller all over the world to the person at this address.

So let's say 10 of us got involved.  We could pick an address in our city of someone we know.  We could then make up a false name for both our traveller and our recipient.  We would each write a postcard from and to for each of the 10 of our 10 postcards each.

Then,,over a few weeks the address would receive these interesting postcards from all over the world...they'd all be incorrectly addressed of course but with relevant stamps and postage for each locale.

It would seem like there's some mystery traveller who keeps writing to the wrong address all these amazing holiday details.

What do you think?

Title: Re: We of the global community:a game?
Post by: Matty on July 10, 2019, 06:36:22 PM
Haha...unless of course we are all really in Australia.....and these international folks carried over from the blitz forum are really all fake profiles played by people writing with the same mannerisms..

But really....who would do such a thing..

Title: Re: We of the global community:a game?
Post by: Rick Nasher on July 10, 2019, 08:39:35 PM
Nice idea, could stir things up a little. If noticed of course, which is also a bit of a problem, for how do we know this is address is actually occupied by someone?
Also I think most people here are wayyy too busy and/or afraid to even pick-up a 'snail-mail' card, cos I can see lot's of views, no replies.. 

Or people don't get the joke, lacking humor? ;)

P.S. This could be called: "Postcards from the edge"
Title: Re: We of the global community:a game?
Post by: iWasAdam on July 11, 2019, 07:18:39 AM
it's called a 'chain letter'!
They come in various guises usually with some form of reward or curse attached.
Ones with money are usually called 'pyramid schemes'

The essence of all of them is:
person at the top (the originator) gets stuff - people at the bottom (patsies) get nothing!