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Title: Spring - Blender Open Movie
Post by: Qube on April 08, 2019, 12:56:34 AM
We all know what Blender is, right?. An open source 3D modeller, animator, render, etc etc. Reputation for being hard to use unless you learn a zillion shortcuts to get over the crazy GUI. But it's free and free means meh!, not capable of professional results, right?

Here's what it can do in the right hands :

Title: Re: Spring - Blender Open Movie
Post by: therevills on April 08, 2019, 01:07:19 AM
Very nicely done.
Title: Re: Spring - Blender Open Movie
Post by: Derron on April 08, 2019, 06:21:02 AM
With v2.80 they got way way more "gui accessible" (many icons etc.).

Spring was the second Blender movie which did not catch me. Visually of good quality (yet nothing unseen) but story-wise it lacked in many points - even for a short.

Best imho is still Big Buck Bunny.

Do not get me wrong, the idea of the Blender Open Movies Project is cool as it brings forward the whole Blender "suite" (they create new features for the movie - which you can "later" find in the Blender software). But: the whole movie is funded by someone - maybe some governmental support but mainly user based crowd funding / monthly donators. So the coding, design, modelling, ... everything was kind of paid. It is no voluntary-sparetime-no-cost-project but a paid one. And even if the budget might be very low it has to compete with other paid projects then. Today's CGI movies have reached a certain visual and animation quality. Even "rip off"-movies (similar to the cinema blockbusters) look quite nice now. Think software has come a long way and if you added a little global illumination here and a bit of HDRI sky rendering there already helps to improve looks a huge step (to no longer look "cheap").
Big budget productions introduced volumetric clouds/fog, ... already so it became "known" to the viewer already. Now they improved the fire/smoke simulation in Blender the last years (remarkable the very recent past were only the quick fire/smoke setups - at least I am only aware of them). Nice - but as said not unseen.

Cute characters (with "attracting eyes") are also common for most toon-like productions of the last years.

So there is only the story left - and this time the story lacked much. On the first watch I did not understand why she got the bone while the "monster wardens" only got aggressive once she lost it, why the bone "jumped" for 100 metres a horizontal path, how a huge sized warden would catch it with his giant finger-feet - and ...
It misses little "explanative shots" here and there to make it followable on the first view - before you have seen it once and could interpret scenes with the "knowledge of the whole movie".
I understand that this "you have to watch multiple times" thing might be planned but I do not like it in such kind of CGI movies ("cute characters").

10 years old:

Other of interest (not one of the Open Movie projects but a planned feature film which was cut down to a short once the budget/funding failed):

Title: Re: Spring - Blender Open Movie
Post by: 3DzForMe on April 08, 2019, 08:02:44 AM
I used Blender to create (very!) Primitive 3D shapes and export them to Blitz3D format.

I recall a movie made with Blender some time ago which particularly impressed with, I need to dig it out.
Title: Re: Spring - Blender Open Movie
Post by: Derron on April 08, 2019, 08:49:31 AM
I do all my 3D work with Blender - and am using it for a very long time (only in sparetime) and it is short cut driven yes but I pretty much like it the way it does things.

Only "pity" I have is that the current "View windows" are utilizing a lot of GPU - so without a decent GPU it feels way more sluggish. Of course one could use a less "realistic" view but it's like bringing a tasty cake with you to then say: nope, not for you - please take this supermarket bisquit meanwhile.

All in all CGI tools have gone a long way within the last decade - wonder why some of you still use "ancient" tools (fragmotion etc) - just because you are "used to"? (similar question for why to still use BlitzMax, B3D ... I know ;-).
I am asking as Blender (and others) have so helpful tools on board which speed up model creation (f2 tools are incredible helpful). Also Blender is still "lightweight" (in the sense of being fast to use). For me it just needs to have some alternative to substance painter (so a FOSS solution not looking like Armory Paint but more Photoshopish/Substance-Painter-esque).

Title: Re: Spring - Blender Open Movie
Post by: Steve Elliott on April 08, 2019, 09:22:32 AM
Very impressive what can be achieved with a free readily available piece of software, if you have the time and talent.
Title: Re: Spring - Blender Open Movie
Post by: 3DzForMe on April 09, 2019, 01:47:34 AM
(similar question for why to still use BlitzMax, B3D ... I know ;-)

Not so much 'used to' - bit more of don't have the time to learn another language and its nuances for fun coding. Although, not sure if my fastlibs plug ins survived my dead C drive on my dev box.....

compilation of blender videos: (
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