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Title: 3D Model Slicing Help?
Post by: Blainiac on September 21, 2017, 05:13:52 AM
[EDIT] Assistance no longer needed, I found a program called Voxelizer from Qubicle! [/EDIT]

Hey there!

I'm not entirely familiar with designing or even playing with 3D models (old school pixel artist here!).  I had a unique request from any member that might be able to assist me...  Eventually, it might turn into a paid gig if I need your help a few more times.  :)

I need a detailed model (a tree for right now) converted to 2D PNG 'z-slices', going from the bottom of the model to the top.  My game scene has a maximum height of 256 slices, so I need a model cut into even fewer slices, probably about 150 slices thick.  So the end goal is to have 150 PNG files that are the same height and width.

Is anybody able or willing?  I'd REALLY appreciate it!  Like I said, if you happen to be great at modeling and are able to export your models/animation frames like this, I'd definitely pay if it seems like a great fit for the thing I'm working on!

Here's an example of what the scenes look like when rendered as voxels:

Title: Re: 3D Model Slicing Help?
Post by: Derron on September 21, 2017, 09:03:36 PM
While you could play (eg. in Blender) with some axis-clipping you might have seen to have "missed" some obvious thing: each slice of the tree need to have a "valid" top. So you cannot just "cut" a 3d model at the given z-index to make it look as you desire.

When "cut" eg. the trunk should expose the "tree inner" (the annual rings). When it cuts in the leafs you should expose some "branches", maybe a bird nest etc.

So no, it is not an "easy" task but a cumbersome one.

But if it was modelled already as "voxel", you might have some easy-peasy thing to cut it at the desired position. Maybe @AdamStrange (@IWasAdam here) might be of help and is interested?

Title: Re: 3D Model Slicing Help?
Post by: Blainiac on September 22, 2017, 03:47:34 AM
Hey Ron, thank you for the reply.

I understand what you mean about not being able to 'cut' a 3D model the way I described.  I knew I should have been more descriptive.

What I am after is the 'shell' of the 3D model; having the 'inside' stuff for what I need (like the tree inside part showing the rings) isn't necessary for the end product.  As long as I have the shell (which I am hoping could be done), it'd be perfect for my purpose.  I would hope the leaves would turn out okay as the voxel version wouldn't be sliced at any point for my purpose.

Thank you for replying and it does bring to light how cumbersome it might actually be.

Edit:  I believe I may have found something close to what I was looking for.  Here's a video for anyone interested (it's Qubicle's Voxelizer module): (
Title: Re: 3D Model Slicing Help?
Post by: iWasAdam on September 22, 2017, 06:45:49 AM
I have a tool that will load .vox files, allow you to edit them and save them out to .png slices:

I think the max supported resolution of the vox files is 32x32x32

I don't have blitzmax support code, but I do have monkey2 loader code and slice support:
this shows the same slice tile with different displays of the slices

I used it to create a game:

it's mac but can be converted to windows?
Title: Re: 3D Model Slicing Help?
Post by: Blainiac on September 22, 2017, 08:24:30 AM
Hey iWasAdam!  Thank you so much for looking into it!  Fortunately, I found a way to do exactly what I need with Qubicle (I just installed it and played around with it).  I was just coming back on here to state that the request wasn't needed anymore.  Thank you again!  Here's a video of what I was able to do if anyone's interested: (
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