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Rock Tile Generator
Rock Tile Generator
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Description: I spend the morning and part of the afternoon working on some code to create a rock tile generator that can be used for games. Most of the times they should be seamless(I hope)

It works by creating a array of 32x32, then by placing a amount of points with a unique number in them. I then grow those and keep a adjustable distance between the different rock numbers, I also if the rock comes near the edge put that current point to the opposide edge. For the last pass I then add 2 colors on the edges(and inside) for shading.

It only creates one 32x32 tile every time and draws these on the screen next to each other in different sizes.


edit : I made a version with more various tiles to break the pattern..

That one creates a number of tiles based on the original. It erases the center part and regrows the center so that they look different but still connect at the edges,


The code is on my monkeyx github(pakz001)
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