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Author Topic: Let the flame wars begin....  (Read 193 times)

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Re: Let the flame wars begin....
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2020, 05:10:36 AM »
It's a shame they don't take such action against those people in schools that cause and allow such bullying incidents. After all, that's where the real bullying starts and they get away with it. So they just keep carrying on doing it with no real repercussions until one day, they will go too far and either do something that can kill the person they are bullying, the bullied will snap taking their own life, or that of their tormentors.

A month ago. I told a woman to get the police involved and seek to take legal action against the school and against an eleven year old little a shit that was bullying her son (The law in England and Wales, the age of criminal responsibility is ten years old). The little bastard knew his actions would have knowingly caused harm to her Coeliac suffer son, by forcing an Oreo cookie into his mouth and then saying to his peers, "Look he's lying about it, or his face would be swelling up". And this is not the first of these incidents. Another bullying little twat did this to a child of school age with a nut allergy with tragic consequences. And this is something that you don't hear in the MSM and very rarely in the local news.

And then you get those who would make a mockery these types of laws, just because you hit them with the truth, or they take offence to a valid opinion that you give, or just because your views don't match theirs and start an argument and then play the victim when they lose.

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Re: Let the flame wars begin....
« Reply #2 on: December 24, 2020, 08:49:45 AM »
Totally agree Dawlene, some of the little gits know exactly what they are doing, I mean, in this day and age, kids are pretty much immature adults, the world wont let them be kids how we used to be, too much on them to start with, education, fashion and all that. I mean, when I was 12-13 or whatever I'd roll out of bed, pull anything on the floor on and away out the door, I could of got anywhere, down the river, on a tarzy swing, making a camp, climbing trees, I was out playing.

I saw a bunch of young'uns round the street, top of the line gear on, hair all done up with part-ins that looked like it had been burned in with a laser, and the lasses too... If I had daughters who tried to turn out like some of them do, I'd be like "Here, your not f***ing going out like that mind", but parents let them, big eye lashes, caked in makeup, I look and think "They need their own COSHH RA!"

And this is where it's at for me, the world wants kids to be treated like adults, and kids want to be treated like adults, fair enough, but if thats what they want, immature or not, when they step out of line, then they should be treated like anyone else, put in a cell and processed accordingly... They'd sharp grow up then because they will get a dose of the real world and they arent untouchable because of their age... They do something against the law, in your case, physical abuse and torment, they pay for it... Don't moddy coddle them, treat them like shit... Simple as that!

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Re: Let the flame wars begin....
« Reply #3 on: December 24, 2020, 11:44:38 AM »
The thing is Dabz. The ones that will abuse these anti-bullying, or anti-hate laws will be the woke and SJW brigade. Most of these are not much better than the bullies and those they accuse of hate speech. Most have had some sort of education that they think gives them the right to dictate to others, but common sense seems to be some foreign concept to them and don't stop to think of what trouble their actions will cause for others, as long as it furthers their own agenda. They also tend to be so high on their own opinion's that everyone else is a bigoted, anti LGBT, misogynistic (note the Oxford dictionary definition is "strongly prejudiced against women." and people only seem to think this only applies to men when it can equally apply to women) and far right fascist racist if you disagree with them; even if a person are of the same ilk as they are. They make extremist religious, fascists and communists look like they they as sensible well adjusted people.

These are also the same people that want to give sixteen year olds the right to vote and yet in the same breath want to allow those that ran away at around that age to join a known terrorist group back into the country saying, "But they were children at the time and didn't know what they were doing". These are also the same ones when they've forced their views onto others that makes changes to society, to only blame everyone else when those changes go tit's up and cause more problems.

They are also they types that think that a transgender man should use women's public toilet facilities. I whole heartedly agree, providing that they've had the full sex change operation to make then anatomically female. And I'm sure that there would be a fair few women that would agree with that and feel much safer with the knowledge that they wouldn't be open to a sexual assault whilst using those public facilities.

Now I'm always one for having a few leftist social justice views, but hell, with these people; they are an embarrassment.
If anyone of them sees my post, they will get offended, try to justify their actions, then take me to court because they cannot get me to think like them, thus proving everything I've said.

Currently in the USA, there is the issue of the use of the new made up word "Latinx". Which from what I gather is not making a lot of Latin speaking people in the USA very happy. Look it up, I only came across this the other day.

My own views when it comes to voting after I look back on my almost 50 years of life. Is that you should to be over 25 (which was probably the time I was more mentally mature), or prove that you are a responsible adult by having a job, not living with your parents, having bills to pay and not being in full-time education. I know a few of the latter that have never had a real job and have become the most skilled layabouts just by reapplying for different courses, thus taking up place for those that want to learn and get a job as a result.

OK. I think that should be enough of a rant for now. I could go on and on, but I think everyone's got better thing to do.

If I had daughters who tried to turn out like some of them do, I'd be like "Here, your not f***ing going out like that mind"
My dad, may he rest in peace. Had the perfect system to deal with my sisters if he thought they were dressed in a fashion that he didn't approve of when going out.
They would always ask what he though of how they were dressed; and he would reply "You look fantastic". That was guaranteed to get them back up stairs to change into something else.


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