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Author Topic: QasarBeach 1.28 released  (Read 182 times)

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QasarBeach 1.28 released
« on: October 28, 2020, 02:56:40 PM »
Ver1.28 Update (28October 2020)

Another smaller update with the focus on improving things with PAGE R

minor playback change to prevent sounds from not being triggered
PAGE 2 fix for sample playback preview
PAGE 7/W left right cursor keys go +-8 to voice number
internal checks to prevent initial audio engine cutout
PAGE R song block section selection not being registered fixed
PAGE R position and repeat not being registered fixed
PAGE R selecting sections and playing never started correctly - fixed
slightly increased internal timing systems

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Re: QasarBeach 1.28 released
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2020, 11:41:57 AM »
I know that not many people are that interested in QB - for obvious reasons. but I thought you'd all be interested to hear this:

One of the original engineers (who worked for Fairlight in the 80's) and was responsible for a lot of what became the Series III recently contacted me about QB. We have been in very close contact since then with emails and nuggets of information about that time and how the Beast was programmed, etc.

Lately we have been looking at old data examples with the aim to enhance QB import of this old data: songs, samples, etc. As you can think this is not as simple as it first sounds as there was very little information (outside of the manuals) as to how and what was stored in these files.

So now I have access to some of the dev tools and can decompile some of the formats (over 35 years old) and found some amazing details:
Fairlight sold the I, II, then the IIx (with Midi) and finally the III (which had multi-sampling and better sound).
Looking at the IIx file formats. it was designed to have advances synth functions and multisampling (in a very particular way).
QB also has multisampling (as I found a way of doing it that didn't break the concept).

Doing a comparison It is apparent the method I employed was the EXACT way the Fairlight were going to introduce with the IIx - but held it over for the III.

Well, I thought it was interesting - lol  :-*


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